Why Dry Eyes Could Be A Problem For You

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No one likes to cry, but a life without tears is much worse. This is not merely an emotional issue. The fact is that tear production helps keep our eyes lubricated. Dry eyes are uncomfortable and can impact your ability to see. Here is how an optometrist in Calgary can find what is causing you to have dry eyes:  

Four Reasons You Have Dry Eyes 

They’ll Ask You About Your Overall Health

To trace the cause of your dry eyes, your optometrist in Calgary will probably ask you about your overall health. Some health conditions are linked to dry eyes, including diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or thyroid conditions that may have problems with dry eyes. Even aging can be a factor in the development of dry eyes. In some cases, you may want to treat these underlying conditions differently to obtain real relief for your dry eyes.

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They Will Consider The Weather

Your dry eyes could also be seasonal. Some people experience dry eyes in the winter, as the air is often dry in the winter, which can contribute to your condition. Moreover, the wind in the winter can be very irritating for some people. If your dry eyes are linked to these environmental factors, your optometrist may be able to recommend some medications to help control the worst of your symptoms.

It May Be Because Of Your Current Medications

Your optometrist may also ask about any medications you may be taking. Some specific medicines, like antidepressants or birth control, can be linked to dry eyes. Even your regular over the counter medications like decongestants or antihistamines may cause dry eyes. Therefore, be sure to tell your optometrist about all the medicines you have taken recently to develop a treatment plan.

Your Eyes Could Be The Problem 

While dry eyes are often linked to other problems or conditions, there are cases where your eyes themselves are the problem. You could have blocked tear ducts or irregular eyelids. The problem could even be traced to the chemical makeup of your tears. These conditions can only be assessed by a professional.

If you are suffering from dry eyes, you should talk to an optometrist in Calgary as soon as possible. The optometrist should be able to figure out why dry eyes are a problem for you.

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