Everyone suffers from eye irritations from time to time. However, when the irritation is persistent or recurrent, it may be a more pressing symptom. Eye irritation is called uveitis, and you should discuss the symptoms with your optometrist in Calgary NE.


Eye Inflammation Can Be Caused by Diseases

There are various conditions that cause eye symptoms. While some diseases are specific to the eye, there is also an array of autoimmune disorders that lead to eye irritation. Autoimmune disorders can lead to inflammation throughout the body. Accordingly, the symptoms tend to be more widespread but do sometimes manifest in the eyes. The most common diseases to affect the eyes are sarcoidosis, systemic lupus and Crohn’s. In some situations, you may get your diagnosis of an autoimmune disorder first, but you may also have eye inflammation be a key indicator to guide your diagnosis.


Some Medications May Cause Eye Inflammation

If you have new eye inflammation, you should look at the medications you are taking. Medications can have a lot of side effects. While it is easy to gloss over those side effects, some of them can impact your eyes. Therefore, consider what you are taking. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions. If the eye inflammation is problematic enough, you may be able to find an alternative treatment. Discuss all medications with your optometrist in Calgary NE.

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Most Cases of Inflammation Do Not Have a Definitive Cause

In many cases, you may never know why you suffer from eye inflammation. Some experts estimate that the cause is unknown about half the time. Fortunately, you can usually get simple and effective treatments from your optometrist in Calgary NE. This can ease your symptoms and get your eyes back to normal. Eye inflammation is common and easily treated.