Is it time for a new pair of glasses? One of the options that you may have come across is progressive lenses. You’re probably wondering what makes these lenses different from your standard lenses. Here is what you need to know.

The Key Points About Progressive Glasses

Most people that wear glasses do so for their nearsightedness. But as some people get older, they develop vision issues that hinder their general ability to see things clearly. You’d normally only require reading glasses, but now you need another pair of glasses for everyday use.

Progressive lenses are designed to solve this problem. You can stick to a single pair of glasses whether you need your glasses for driving or need them to read a book. These lenses are designed to be used for all types of situations.

Now are all progressive lenses for everyone? The answer is no. Some people are too used to traditional glasses and may not adapt well to them. Progressive lenses are designed in a very unique way.

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They are designed so that lenses shift depending on where you look. If you look down to read, you need to look at the lower part of the glasses. If you want to look to a medium or far distance, you will need to look to the middle of the glasses for the best viewing experience.

When you visit your Market mall optometry office, you’ll also find that there are different types of progressive lenses as well. There are lenses that are more designed for office work, all-around lenses, and lenses designed for active people.

You’ll also find that the lenses vary in cost. They can go from affordable to expensive for premium lenses. The premium lenses can provide a better viewing experience for many people at a higher price than most glasses.

If you want to try progressive glasses, try visiting your local Market mall optometry. You can get a better feel of how they work and feel so that you can make a decision on whether they’re right for you as well as which ones are right for you.