What are Eye Floaters?

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Many strange things can happen with your eyes. They are a unique part of your body in terms of cell production and function. Furthermore, to truly understand them requires years of study and knowledge, much the same as optometrists in Calgary. We will be looking at one of the more peculiar parts of eye physiology today.

Of course, you are going to learn about eye floaters. While the name gives a good indication of the type of condition, it can be challenging to understand how it looks and feels without having experienced it for yourself. Luckily, eye professionals, including optometrists in Calgary, have much experience with eye floaters and will be able to provide you even greater insight than this article. 

Eye Floaters, Explained

Eye floaters look like little spots in your regular cone of vision, and changes to your retina cause them. It can be challenging to see them correctly as focusing on them causes them to move within your eye, making an accurate picture difficult to grasp. Although they are typically a result of the natural ageing process, there are some reasons that they could require special attention.


For instance, if you have recently received blunt force or trauma to your eye and notice the appearance of eye floaters in the aftermath, you could be experiencing additional damage. As well, if you see that there appears to be an increase in the number of eye floaters in your sightline, this, too, could indicate a problem more significant than simple eye floaters.

However, if you find that you have a new eye floater, but it appears to be a lone agent, you should not cause yourself undue stress. As mentioned above, eye floaters are simply a part of the ageing process and may occur at any time after, roughly, the age of 25. 

How to Treat Eye Floaters

As it currently stands, there is little you can do about regular eye floaters. If they are a symptom of a greater problem, though, such as the ones mentioned above, treating that problem can simultaneously treat the eye floaters. 

Although the above statement is misleading, it is more accurate to say that you can treat them through invasive surgeries or laser treatments. In some instances, this involves removing the vitreous of your eye and replacing it with a similar fluid. Eventually, the vitreous will return and replace the fluid.

For more information, you would be wise to seek consultation from your optometrist. They can examine the eye floaters and suggest methods to reduce the impact on your life. Consider them a friend, however, as they will likely become a prescient part of your life, depending on their location within your eyesight.

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