The Difference Between Nearsighted & Farsighted

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There are two major vision problems that can be corrected with glasses: nearsightedness and farsightedness. These two conditions are related but very different. Understanding the difference can help you understand your own vision. 

Visit Your Calgary Optometrist If You Cannot See Things Far Away

Some people struggle seeing things far away. People with this problem will often visit the optometrist in Calgary to help with schoolwork, team meetings, driving and more. These people are nearsighted. This means they can see things close to them but not far away. For nearsighted people, it is easy to read a book or check their phones. It is much harder to see traffic signs or whiteboards. Nearsightedness is known scientifically as myopia.

Check With a Calgary Optometrist If You Cannot See Objects Up Close

On the other hand, you may be farsighted. This means you can see things far away, but you have to squint or strain to see something closer to you. For farsighted people, tasks like driving are not problematic. However, you may struggle reading a book, writing a paper or looking at a tablet. This is known as hyperopia. People with hyperopia may get reading glasses that they only wear when needed.

Woman suffering eyestrain reading a book

Your Calgary Optometrist Will Assess The Shape Of Your Eyeball

Those significant differences are connected to the underlying conditions. While both conditions are related to the shape of the eye, they have some distinct differences. Nearsighted people tend to have an eyeball that is longer than usual. By contrast, people with farsightedness typically have eyeballs that are shorter. The length of the eye affects the position of the light as it hits your lens and cornea. When the eyeball is too long, the light reflects behind the lens. When the eyeball is too short, it reflects before the lens. This is why people struggle to see objects at different distances depending on the shape of their eyes.

Your Optometrist In Calgary Should treat both Conditions

The good news is that both nearsightedness and farsightedness are easy to assess and correct. It would be best if you visited your optometrist in Calgary for a vision assessment. This will allow you to find the right corrective lenses to support your nearsightedness or farsightedness. Book an eye exam in Calgary as soon as possible. 

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