The Cost of Prescription Glasses in Calgary

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The best day of wearing glasses is the first day. Your mind simply cannot wrap itself around such clear vision, and the depth of detail can be overwhelming. It is an experience that so many of us will come to and at all stages of our lives. Vision is a slow deterioration, which means you might not get your first experience with glasses until your 40s, 50s, or even 60s and early 70s.

However, our eyes will always change like the rest of our bodies. Eventually, you will visit an optometrist in NE Calgary and experience the joy of true vision for yourself. But, before you get there, you will need a pair of prescription glasses. These spectacles will become a part of your daily routine (for most people), but what is the typical price tag for such an essential item?

Well, to find out, you will first have to learn about what elements may change the price.

The Facets of NE Calgary Optometrist Glasses Prices

The Eye Clinic

The eye clinic will often play a significant role in the final cost of your glasses. As an optometrist in NE Calgary, Optiko Eyewear provides fantastic deals for new and existing clients alike. Plus, we pride ourselves on a wide selection of frames and lenses for you to make a truly unique mark on the world by putting your best face forward.

The Type of Lens

The type of lenses you choose can also affect the price of your spectacles. For example, a lens that requires a lot of material to function may cost more. As well, if your lenses require special components like a prism, you may pay extra to receive this additional ocular support.

Perscription Eyeglasses

The Frames

Frames are a big deal in the world of optometry, as many big brand names in clothing also produce frames. You may know some of these brands like Calvin Klein, Guess, Prada, Dior, Kate Spade and much more. With all of these big names, we usually see a significant variance in frames’ overall costs. However, there are also many no-name frames that function just as well and will not break the bank.

The Cost of Glasses at NE Calgary Optometrists

Typically, you can expect to spend between $150-$500 on frames and lenses. The factors above will dictate what end of this spectrum you end up on, but we are always willing to assist you in making the right decision for your eyes. Simply give us a call, and we would love to help!

Optiko Eyewear is your place to get everything you need for your eyes. From eye exams to the finest assortment of designer frames, we can help you with everything you need. Staffed with highly trained Calgary optometrists, ready to help you with comprehensive eye exams and any eye conditions you’re facing. Once you’re happy, our frame stylists will help you find the pair that matches your style. We have an array of stunningly beautiful frames and glasses from premier eyewear brands from around the world. There is nothing we can’t do to help you!

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