When it comes to corrective vision, contact lenses have long been the subtler option. But are you aware of the advantages that come with contact lenses, other than their understated nature?

Let’s take a look!

5 Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses

  • Perfect for Sunglasses

Contact lenses are ideal for sunny weather, as you can have your pick of sunglasses. While prescription sunglasses are an option, it’s a bit of a hassle to take off your glasses and swap them out for your sunglasses whenever you go outside. 

With contact lenses, however, you can simply throw on your non-prescription sunglasses and go! 

  • No Doubling Up

It may seem like a simple problem to have, but stacking glasses on top of your actual glasses isn’t all that comfortable. Moviegoers understand the struggle of having to wear 3D glasses over their own.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses eliminate this issue entirely. 

  • Ideal for Sports

Glasses risk being knocked off by a ball or while running, thus potentially damaging them. Contact lenses offer the perfect solution, as it removes the unnecessary trouble and you won’t even know you’re wearing them.

As well, contact lenses are the better option for sports such as hockey, where face masks and helmets are involved. Glasses add extra bulk to the side and front of the face, which could get in the way of the equipment.

  • Better Vision

For those patients who have astigmatism or a very strong prescription, contact lenses may provide higher quality vision correction than glasses are able to offer.

  • No Losing Them

If you have a weaker prescription, you may notice that you don’t wear your glasses at all times of the day. This is fine, of course, but the potential issue arises when you set them down and can’t find them later. 

Meanwhile, you typically wear contact lenses throughout the day and then take them out before bed. This means your lenses are likely left in the same spot every day for you to easily find the next morning.

There’s no wrong option when it comes to corrective vision as long as it helps you see. However, contact lenses may help make life easier for some. Don’t hesitate to speak to a professional for additional information or input.