As a young wizard, Harry Potter’s first interaction with Hermione Granger was when she fixed his glasses with a simple charm. Unfortunately, we are only mortals, and the charm will not work on our glasses. However, there are ways to make the best of our situation. You can visit the nearest eye clinic to fix any problem with your glasses. Below are signs that you need to go there soon:

Your Frames Keep Slipping Off

If your glasses keep slipping down your nose, it might be time to visit an optical shop. A few things might cause this problem, and an optical professional can help you find the right solution. One common cause of slipping glasses is that the frame is too wide for your face. 

It can be quickly fixed by adjusting your specs or finding a new pair with a narrower frame. If your glasses keep slipping, do not ignore the problem and have them fixed immediately. Another common cause of slipping glasses is that the nose pads are not appropriately adjusted. It is a simple fix that a professional can do for you. 

Nose Imprints after Wearing Them

If you wear corrective lenses, you must ensure they fit correctly. Otherwise, you may experience discomfort or even pain. One sign that your pair does not work correctly is if they leave imprints on your nose after you remove them.

If this is happening to you, it is a good idea to visit an eye clinic to have your glasses adjusted. The optician can ensure that your glasses fit snugly and comfortably on your nose. They can also make other necessary adjustments, such as changing the glasses’ angle or the nosepiece’s width.

Wearing ill-fitting specs can be more than just uncomfortable. It can also lead to headaches, eye strain, and even dizziness. So if your glasses leave imprints on your nose, do not ignore them.

You Have Constant Headaches

If you suffer from constant headaches, you must visit an eye clinic to ensure that your vision is not the cause. Several things can cause headaches, but if you constantly have headaches, it could be a sign that your vision is deteriorating.

There are a few different types of headaches, and each could signify a different problem. Tension headaches are often caused by stress or fatigue and are the most common type. If you have tension headaches, you must visit an optical shop to ensure that your vision is not the cause.

Migraines are another kind of headache caused by several different things, including changes in your hormones, certain foods, and even stress. You must consult a doctor to rule out other potential causes if you suffer from migraines. However, if you find that your migraines are getting worse or more frequent, you must visit an optical shop to ensure that your vision is not the cause.


You must be aware of the signs that your specs need to be fixed. If you notice the signs enumerated, it is time to get them repaired. By being proactive and getting your glasses fixed when you notice any issue, you can ensure that you will always have a clear vision and be able to see the world around you.

If your eyeglasses need to be fixed or you need a new pair, you should visit Optiko soon. We are one of the primary eye clinics in Calgary and can help restore your eyesight. So, book an appointment now!