Every day, we use phones, televisions, and computers. While these devices keep us entertained and help us do our daily tasks, it is important to note that long-term screen time may cause vision impairment. Without further ado, here are ten ways you can do to protect your eyes from screens.

Get Regular Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye exams are the most efficient way to detect and prevent vision problems. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health recommends that computer users have their eyes evaluated before using a computer. This should happen once a year. Inform your ophthalmologist about your computer use.

Adjust Your Lighting

Eye strain may be caused by bright lighting. When utilizing a computer, the ambient lighting should be half as bright as workplace lighting. Outside light can be blocked by curtains and drapes. You can also move your monitor away from Windows. Some people prefer to avoid overhead fluorescent lights. Choose an indirect incandescent or halogen floor lamp instead.

Remove Glare

Computer-related eye strain can be caused by reflections, glare, and walls. To avoid this, use an anti-glare computer screen and a matte dark tone on your gleaming walls. If the light from outside bothers you, close your windows and use a computer cowl. Purchase anti-reflective glasses lenses. This reduces glare and light reflection from normal lens surfaces.

Improve the Display

Change your CRT display for an LCD panel. These monitors can be found on laptops. LCDs with anti-reflective coating are more comfortable to look at. CRT monitor flashing can potentially cause vision difficulties. Flickering can cause eye fatigue. Look for a high-resolution flat-panel display. Select a computer with a 19-inch diagonal display.

Look for Display Alternatives

Eye strain and tiredness can be reduced with adjustments.

Adapt the brightness of your monitor to your surroundings. With a white background, check the brightness. It is overly bright if the display appears to be a source of light.

When reading lengthy material, adjust the text size and contrast. White and black is the coziest colour combo.

With all of that said, the colour temperature should also be adjusted by reducing blue light and making long-term viewing more comfortable.

Don’t Forget to Blink

Blinking helps to avoid irritation and dryness. When using a computer, the eyes are lubricated by blinking. Computer use, according to studies, minimizes blinking. Dry eyes originate from the disappearance of the tear film. To alleviate this, try slowly closing your eyes. This relaxes the eyes.

Do Some Eye Workouts

Eye strain is characterized by weariness when concentrating. Take a 20-minute break from your computer every 20 minutes to avoid this. This reduces eye strain. Examine a distant object for 10 seconds before moving on to a nearby object. ten times

Treat Yourself to Regular Breaks

Frequent breaks relieve neck and shoulder pain. During computer breaks, stand up and stretch your arms, necks, legs, and shoulders to relieve eye and body tension.

Makes Changes to Your Workstation

Changing from a digital display to paper may induce eye strain. Place a copy stand near the monitor to avoid this. When reading, make sure the desk lights aren’t shining in your eyes. To avoid computer vision syndrome, adjust the height of your chair and desk. Consider ergonomic furniture that allows you to position your screen 20 inches away.

Use Protective Eyewear

Optometrists should design computer glasses that are personalized for the wearer. This is especially crucial if you wear contact lenses, as they can make a computer work uncomfortable and dry. Photochromic lenses reduce exposure to blue light.


You might notice that you are in front of a screen more and more each day. This is why it is important to protect your vision. Keep these crucial tips in mind as you care for your eyes on a daily basis!

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