How Much Does An Eye Exam Cost?

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Getting an eye exam from an optometrist in Market Mall is very important. Eyes are the gateway to the soul, but in a more literal sense, they are necessary for many parts of our lives. Furthermore, they are easily damaged and can worsen quickly, if left untreated. This can take many forms, from glaucoma to cataracts and macular degeneration to partial blindness. 

Which is why eye exams are so important. Optometrists take great care in preventing age-related issues that occur with eyes and are often helpful and kind at the same time. However, they are also required to pay their bills, and this can affect the cost of their services.

How much can it affect the cost of their service though? Well, for starters:

Optometrists Charge Based on Location

Optometrists in Market Mall and other areas charge based on their location. For instance, optometrists who practice in a small town without much competition are likely to charge more as they have a certain amount of exclusivity. However, optometrists with practices in the city, and especially those who are in close proximity to other optometrists, will likely lower their prices to be more competitive.

This can cause quite a divide in pricing. In fact, the divide between the average cost of an eye exam can exceed $70 or more depending on the area. If you live in a rural area it may be worth going to a city to get your annual eye exam, if it is in your power to make and act on the decision.


Optometrists Charge Based on Services

Another factor that can affect the cost of an eye exam is the services offered. As an example, an optometrist who does not take retinal pictures will charge less than one who does. The benefits of this service are up to the individual to decide, but it is much more necessary for individuals above the age of 60.

This is because of the likelihood that eye-related problems will increase as you age. Not that younger folks are impervious to eye issues, but the chances are much less substantial. 

In closing, a typical eye exam will cost between $60-$80 but can exceed $140 depending on location and the services offered. Make sure to compare quotes from different optometrists, and select the one that offers a good balance between service and price.

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