How Long Do Eye Exams Take?

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Eye exams are an excellent way to keep your ocular health up to date. They can provide valuable information about the current state of your eyes and ensure you are taking the right steps to keep them in tiptop shape. Furthermore, they can prevent unnecessary damage to your eyes by starting your treatment before issues worsen or become more severe.

However, none of this answers how long an eye exam, offered by an optometrist in Calgary NE, will take. For that answer, you will have to learn about some of the reasons that eye exams may take more or less time.

The Average Length of Eye Exams

The average length of eye exams varies between twenty minutes and one hour. Usually, there is a standard array of tests that occur which influence the period, but if you have particular eye conditions, there can be more in-depth examinations as well. Similarly, eye exams can be shorter depending on the capabilities of the clinic you choose and if your eye health is in good condition.

Side view shot of female doctor and patient in ophthalmology clinic

However, some tests are universal with all NE Calgary optometrist eye exams. The eye muscle test, which evaluates the muscles that control your eye, is one example of a standard test. Similarly, the visual acuity test, wherein you read an eye chart from a set distance with various lenses, is also a typical part of an eye exam. Refraction assessments and visual field tests are usually a part of the testing program as well, as each of them helps inform your optometrist about potential issues not discoverable by the previous tests.

As well, tests that go above and beyond some optometrists may be standard fare for others. An example of this would be a glaucoma screening, wherein a short puff of air is shot at the eye to measure the fluid pressure inside. However, other optometrists may use the applanation tonometry method. This method involves topical anesthetic and a gentle pushing force against the eye.

Find Your NE Calgary Optometrist Today

Now that you know the standard length of time you can expect an eye exam to take, the next step is to book your exam. Look for a knowledgeable and friendly practice that you feel confident going to, and inquire about their process for eye exams. There is a variable time limit, so if you are in a rush, consider booking the appointment at a later date that suits your schedule better.

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