Contact lenses are available as an effective substitute for glasses. These are hassle-free to use and offer unobstructed vision as they don’t come with frames. Wearing contact lenses can be intimidating, especially for individuals who are trying them for the first time. 

This guide gives beginners comprehensive know-how of the proper way to wear contact lenses.

Different Varieties of Contact Lenses

Soft and rigid gas-permeable (RGP) are the two main categories of contact lenses. The material for soft contact lenses is a pliable and thin plastic that adjusts to the contour of the eye. 

Compared to RGP lenses, they are simpler to adjust to and provide greater comfort. RGP lenses are composed of a firm plastic material that permits the passage of oxygen to the eye. Hard lenses offer superior durability and improved vision correction compared to soft lenses.


Before handling your contact lenses, make sure your hands are dry and completely cleaned. It is strongly recommended to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water. Then, dry them with a lint-free towel to ensure cleanliness. 

To prevent leaving a residue on your lenses, it is recommended to refrain from applying moisturizing soap or lotion on your hands.

Putting In Contact Lenses

Begin by putting the contact lens on the end of your index finger when inserting it. Hold your upper eyelid and lower eyelashes aside using your opposite hand. 

Position the lens onto your eye after searching for it. Gently open your eyelid and blink a couple of times to assist the lens in settling properly. Perform the same procedure with the second lens.

Taking Out Contact Lenses

Begin the process of removing your contact lenses by cleaning your hands thoroughly and drying them using a towel that is free of lint. Retrieve and employ your index finger to softly lower your lower eyelid. 

Hold your upper eyelid using your opposite hand. Position your index finger onto the lens and move it downwards until it reaches the white part of your eye. 

To remove the lens from your eye, pinch it with your thumb and index finger. Perform the same procedure with the second lens.

Taking Care of Contact Lenses

Maintaining the quality and longevity of your contact lenses requires proper care. You need to follow the manual given by your optometrist or the manufacturer of your contact lenses. Below are some general suggestions:

It is recommended to use a contact lens solution to clean your lenses on a daily basis.

Before putting your lenses in, make sure to rinse them with the solution.

Follow the advice of your eye doctor and replace your lenses as per their recommendation.

It is recommended to prevent your lenses from coming into contact with water, such as tap water, swimming pools, and hot tubs.

Remember to take off your glasses or contact lenses before sleeping.

Possible Dangers

Wearing contact lenses may pose some risks, including the possibility of eye infections and corneal ulcers. Nonetheless, it is possible to reduce these hazards by adhering to appropriate hygiene and maintenance protocols. 

If you encounter any uneasiness or inflammation while using your lenses, take them off right away and get in touch with your optometrist.

Seek Advice from Your Ophthalmologist

In case you have any queries or apprehensions regarding the usage of contact lenses, it is advisable to seek advice from your eye specialist. Tailored guidance and suggestions can be offered to you with your specific requirements and inclinations in mind. 

Moreover, optometrists can assist you in choosing the appropriate lenses and instruct you on the correct techniques for inserting, removing, and maintaining them.


Although at first difficult, using contact lenses gradually becomes second nature with time and effort. Following the directions given in this manual and taking care of your lenses will allow you to enjoy clear, comfortable vision without the trouble of wearing glasses.

You have to speak with your eye doctor if you have any queries or apprehensions regarding the use of contact lenses.

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