Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body. Not only do they help you to see the world around you, but they also help you to maintain your overall health. Unfortunately, your eyes can suffer from various issues that can cause discomfort and even vision loss. 

It is vital to recognize the symptoms of these issues so that you can seek medical attention when necessary. 

The following sections detail the sudden changes in eyesight that should prompt you to visit your optician.

Flashing Lights

One symptom of a detached retina is the abrupt development of unexplained flashing lights. When the retina separates from the rear of the eye’s interior, this occurs. A retinal detachment may cause partial or complete vision loss in your eye if it is not identified and treated.

Abrupt Blurred Vision

Your centre vision becoming blurry may be an indication of macular degeneration. You should phone your optician and describe your symptoms, asking for an immediate appointment. Blind spots and visual distortions, such as straight lines appearing wavy or crooked, may be signs of Wet AMD (age-related macular degeneration). 

You should schedule an appointment with your optometrist if you notice that you need brighter light than usual to read, that text is blurry, or that the colours look less vibrant. Dry AMD may be the cause of these symptoms.

Objects Turning Yellow

Cataracts develop when the eye’s transparency decreases due to changes in the lens. Although cataracts can develop in persons as early as their forties or fifties, they can also develop as a normal aspect of aging. 

Your vision may have a yellow or brown colour as a result of cataracts. Driving at night can be uncomfortable because of the glare from bright lights, which can be distracting, uncomfortable, or even produce a halo. 

Also possible is double vision. The most frequent reason why individuals visit an optician for the first time is that their current prescription for glasses or contact lenses no longer fits them. Your doctor or ophthalmologist can determine whether you require cataract surgery during an eye exam.

Loss of Peripheral Vision

Glaucoma is frequently discovered by opticians during a routine eye exam because it typically has no early symptoms. However, if you have not had yearly exams, the first sign may be a loss of your peripheral vision.

Rings of light, impaired vision, and eye sensitivity or pain can also be signs. You should schedule a consultation with your optometrist if you encounter any of these symptoms so that they can, if necessary, send you to a specialist for a diagnosis and treatment.

Red Eyes

There are numerous causes of painful, red eyes. A gritty but not painful sensation is the result of an illness like conjunctivitis, which is typically brought on by an allergy. Once the problem and its cause have been determined, this is a simple matter to treat. 

Immediate medical attention is required for chemical burns caused by things like home cleansers and foreign objects in the eye. If your eye has been exposed to chemicals or has loose particles in it, flush it thoroughly for at least ten to fifteen minutes with plenty of clean water or an eyewash. 

If you still have foreign bodies in your eye after flushing it, you should seek emergency medical attention. This goes for any eye injuries brought on by chemical exposure that should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist, GP, or nurse as soon as possible following flushing.


When it comes to eye issues, you should seek professional help as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing any of the signs above, it is important to have them evaluated by an eye care professional. 

They can determine the cause and provide the best treatment for your particular issue. With prompt and appropriate treatment, most eye issues can be managed successfully.

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