Refractive defects like nearsightedness and farsightedness may be corrected using eyeglasses. However, not everyone can benefit from them. 

It’s not uncommon for children to find them “uncool.” Nevertheless, wearing contacts has both advantages and disadvantages. Consider the activities your kid is participating in, their cleanliness, and degree of maturity while making this choice. 

If your kid participates in contact sports, for example, they risk shattering their eyeglasses, but contact lenses are unaffected by this. Also, keep in mind that contact lenses are considered medical equipment. Contact lenses, like any other medical equipment, should only be used under the guidance of an eye doctor.

Is There an Appropriate Age to Begin Using Contacts?

No set age can be assigned when a youngster is ready to wear contact lenses. Most important is if your youngster can take responsibility for using contact lenses and maintaining proper cleanliness. 

This is the primary concern. Contact lenses are a piece of medical equipment. Thus they must be used and cared for correctly to avoid any problems.

Teenagers are the most common age group to begin wearing contacts for the first time. Since contact lenses are more convenient for those who lead active lives, several families start to explore contact lenses for their children once they begin participating in certain sports. Contact lenses also improve peripheral vision, which is helpful for sports.

What Are the Signs That Your Child Is Ready for Contacts?

Before attending an optometrist for an eye check, teach your youngster about the responsibilities of using contact lenses. They’ll be more prepared and able to evaluate their ability to correctly use and care for contact lenses if you do this with them beforehand. 

How well will they be able to take care of and clean the surfaces? Are they confident about when and how they use the lenses? Do they maintain a high standard of personal hygiene? Why are they interested in using contact lenses? 

You may gauge a child’s maturity level and whether or not they’re ready for contact lenses by asking them these questions and paying close attention to their responses.

Are Disposable Contact Lenses Safe for Young People?

You may be able to choose between daily disposable lenses and lenses that are scheduled for replacement. What’s essential is to follow the instructions for using your doctor’s prescribed contact lenses. 

These single-use lenses are designed to be thrown away after just a single application of the lens solution. As a result, they’re more costly and less beneficial to the environment. In addition, since they are simpler to care for, they may be more suited for children.

On the other hand, planned lenses are worn during the day and removed at night for storage and protection. Some replacement lenses may be used for two weeks, while others can be used for 30 days, depending on the manufacturer. Auto-refills are an option if you don’t want to worry about your youngster running out of contacts and risking an infection.

Consult with your eye doctor to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of contact lens so you can make an informed decision for your kid.

What Safety Measures Should Kids Who Want to Wear Contact Lenses Take?

To ensure the safety of your kid while using contact lenses, they must follow these guidelines:

  • Before handling the lenses, make sure their hands are clean. Use a lint-free cloth to dry your hands after washing them.
  • Let no one borrow their lenses or wear anybody else’s.
  • Check to ensure your contacts haven’t come into touch with any water or saliva.
  • Safety goggles or glasses should still be used while participating in sports.
  • They should not ignore eye-stinging, irritation, burning, or redness. Immediately remove their contact lenses and call their eye doctor.


In general, contact lenses are an alternative choice to eyeglasses. If your youngster is keen to use contact lenses, take the time to educate them about the advantages and disadvantages of wearing contacts. Remember to give them the time to know all the safety measures they need to feel confident in their decision.

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