Every person who plays sports knows the risks of getting injuries, and one of the worst injuries you can get is on your eyes. Sports-related eye injuries are pretty standard, and worse, these damages can lead to permanent vision loss. But here’s some good news. You can avoid eye injuries if you know how to prevent them.

To get you started, here are some ways you can keep your eyes safe while still enjoying the sport you love.

1. Invest in the Right Safety Eyewear

Does it make sense to prevent sports-related eye injuries by wearing the same glasses as your classmates in a lecture hall? Nope. For sports, you’ll need safety glasses that give you high protection.

Before buying safety glasses, remember that not all brands are suited for sports. Look for the right brands with good ratings and ensure they’re designed for sports.

2. Don’t Substitute Protective Sports Equipment

You might be tempted to substitute your sports equipment for something you can find around the house. For example, you may grab that old batting helmet you’ve used for years to protect your head.

But take note that your old gear may not be able to give you the right level of protection. Safety equipment should be made to protect against the specific risks associated with the sport in sports. So it’s best to use the gear specifically made for the sport you’re doing.

3. Ensure That the Fit Is Right for Your Protective Sports Eyewear

Sports entail a lot of movement, and the gear you wear should be able to withstand the motions without compromising your safety. For example, goggles should be made to resist fogging without having your eyes lose security.

To keep your gear in place and to prevent it from slipping off, check the fit of your gear. Make sure that it can fit snugly on your face and doesn’t obstruct your vision.

For the best possible fit, you should consult with the experts in your local eye clinic. They will be able to give you advice on the right sports glasses to choose from and the right size to buy.

4. Stop Playing at the Sign of an Injury

When you have an injury, you’ll likely want to continue playing with the injury to win. But here’s the thing: continuing to play with an injury is dangerous.

When you continue playing with an injury, you’re more likely to make it worse and make it even more difficult to heal afterward. So, if you have an injury, stop playing immediately.

5. Speak to Your Optometrist

Your optometrist is also your personal eye doctor, and they’re the ones who can guide you on what kind of protective sports eyewear you should get. They can also give you advice on the right size, fit, and type of sports eyewear that you should use while performing the sport you enjoy.

So, keep yourself safe from sports-related eye injuries, and make sure to speak to your optometrist if you have any questions about your eye care.

Final Thoughts

It’s pretty evident that sports are fun, but they can also be dangerous. Just like any other activity, they come with their own risks and dangers, some of which can be life-threatening to you. So, if you want to avoid these problems, keeping your eye safety in mind is always best.

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